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Gerald Charles Maestro GC3.0-TN Chronograph


Maison Gerald Charles has recently unveiled a new maestro GC3.0-TN Chronograph. This featherweight, mirror-finished titanium automated chronograph edition of the company’s iconic Maestro concept comes in a blue rubber strap. 

Maestro GC3.0-TN Chronograph, as with all pieces made by Gerald Charles, is a stylish yet sporty timepiece that may be donned anytime. In order to conquer a variety of technical obstacles, this revolutionary watch required substantial research and creation. Firstly, 5th-grade titanium was used to create the Maestro’s asymmetrical shape since it is more difficult to cut into intricate shapes over stainless steel. 


Photo: Gerald Charles


Making the watch’s custom Chrono pushers, as well as the Clous de Paris crown out of 5th-grade titanium, was another difficulty. The buttons on the Maestro casing reflect the case’s curved profile and rest at its edges in line with Maison’s architectural concept. Hence, it forms a seamless connection between the casing, the pushers, plus the device’s chronograph complexity. 

Furthermore, to achieve and preserve the beauty with which the Maestro has evolved to be recognized, a characteristic that lends it its special character and flexibility, the casing and pushers were required to be mirror-finished. However, the Maestro GC3.0-TN Chronograph is significantly lighter than its stainless steel counterpart.


Photo: Gerald Charles


The GCA3022/12 Manufacture auto chronograph caliber, created in collaboration with Gerald Charles as well as Swiss manual movement experts Vaucher Fleurier Manufacture, is housed within this timepiece. The Qualité Fleurier standard for precision, tenacity, and endurance is achieved by this hand-polished chronometer caliber, known for its exacting technical and visual criteria. A sapphire crystal case back allows you to see this amazing movement. 



Photo: Gerald Charles


Photo: Gerald Charles


On the dial, the Maestro’s meticulous artistry is continued. It is distinguished by its 3 applied, finished registers at 3, 6, and 9, representing the moving seconds, Chrono hours, and chronograph minutes. Super-LumiNova is extensively coated to these applied hour markings and round-tipped indexes to ensure visibility in dim light. 


Photo: Gerald Charles


Lastly, the Maestro GC3.0-TN Chronograph is mounted on a Royal blue vulcanized rubber band featuring a mirror-finished 5th-grade titanium clasp and the Maestro’s Clous de Paris treatment. Remarkably, it has a waterproofing rate of up to 100 meters (10 ATMs).

Gerald Charles Maestro

Situated in Switzerland, Gerald Charles is an autonomous, family-run watch brand. The legendary Gérald Charles Genta, the most prominent watch manufacturer of the twentieth century, launched it in 2000.

Monsieur Genta, better known as “Maestro,” was a well-known watchmaker and creative designer. He sold the business in 2003 but continued to serve as its principal watch designer until his passing in 2011. Following his death, he left a vast collection of watch creations in the business’s care. Each timepiece Gerald Charles created was built on one of his unique designs, carrying his lineage of “artistic originality, technical excellence” toward the future.


Photo: Gerald Charles


Gerald Charles’s timepiece ergonomics are state-of-the-art, and they are made to fit the wrist comfortably and beautifully while also being durable and suitable for daily use. The highest-quality origins and cutting-edge technology of Swiss mechanical manufacturing are combined to create Gerald Charles pieces, which offer unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and water and shock tolerance. Additionally, the brand’s creator and enduring motivation, Monsieur Genta, imprinted his signature on each piece.

Monsieur Gerald Charles Genta History (1931 to 2011)

Gerald Charles Genta was born in 1931 in Geneva. His passion for the visual arts, particularly painting and sculpting, was kindled at an early age. At the tail end of his adolescence, he first encountered the world of upscale jewelry, where he identified the style that would later be his major interest. Generally, the most well-known watchmaker worldwide is thought to be Monsieur Genta.



At the tender age of 23, Monsieur Genta produced the Polerouter for Maison Universal Geneva, his inaugural wrist masterwork. The Nautilus for Patek Philippe (1976), the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet (1972), and the Bulgari Bulgari and Bulgari Roma for Bulgari (the early 1980s) are some of his most well-known designs. He will also be remembered for his crucial role in revamping the Pasha watch by Cartier, the Ingenieur watch by IWC, the Golden Ellipse watch by Patek Philippe, and other variants by Omega. 

Gerald Genta was the name chosen by Monsieur Genta to symbolize his inaugural company in 1969. This label was acquired by Bulgari subsequently after being auctioned in the late 1990s. At the peak of his fame during the early 2000s, Monsieur Genta created “Gerald Charles,” the most cutting-edge and daring of his companies. 


Photo: Gerald Charles


In addition, one of the most cutting-edge collections of timepieces that the renowned designer produced for Maison Gerald Charles is the “Maestro” line. Asymmetric casings are also one-of-a-kind, have never been seen before, and mark a significant change from previous designs. Notably, Gerald’s pieces share the traits of being innovative and always remaining iconic.

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