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GaGá Milano in stainless steel featuring a skeleton dial

One of Real Madrid’s heroes in the 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the Champions League final was Vini Jr. – who scored the only goal in the game.

The Brazilian striker is here wearing a 48mm GaGá Milano in stainless steel featuring a skeleton dial with black steel Arabic markers and green stainless steel minute-hour hands on a green rubber strap.

Overall Review 

Gaga Milano is a timepiece company known for its creativity and style. It was established in 2004, a relatively recent year in the watch industry, while other watches firms have dominated for decades. The label has consistently produced high-quality timepieces since its debut. 

Because time was never an issue for Gaga Milano, it quickly attracted the interest of timepiece enthusiasts from all across the globe. Like every successful endeavor, Gaga Milano was born from meager beginnings and minimal funding. It began its adventure by producing pocket pieces from a modest start. Ruben Tomella was the brains driving Gaga Milano’s concepts.

The brand developed into what we are all familiar with because of Tomella’s invention and inventiveness. Each component of Gaga Milano is distinctive and original. The Gaga Milano product thus owes its identity to an exceptional lifestyle, appearing and interacting with the world.

The Milanese vernacular word “Gagà” is used to describe a person with eminent manners and taste. This specific word served as the foundation for the company’s moniker and ultimately gave rise to the luxury watch “the Gaga Milano.”

Now, going back to its beginnings, Ruben Tomella, the founder of Gaga Milano, discovered his fascination for timepieces at the young age of 14. He has been working as a watchmaker since he was little. His father’s Crema manufacturing company employed him.

However, he had other plans and was eager to establish his own business. Eventually, he opened his jewelry store in the year 2000. His profession officially began at that point. Nonetheless, he began to pursue his goal in 2004 and eventually produced a unique clock, giving rise to the Gaga Milano.

The business quickly cemented its position following its inception. In a short period, it grew to include the foreign markets within its reach. Also, it was effective in garnering praise from timepiece aficionados all over the world. It established numerous stores in upscale Italian cities and many other countries to announce its existence. Without uncertainty, Gaga Milano has firmly established itself in the international marketplaces. 

This watch features GaGà 6497 Movement, including a 36-hour power reserve (21,600 bph). The elegance of the manual-winding movement can be observed in great detail through the Skeleton 48 mm’s skeletonized appearance. Charming transparency that discloses the Swiss-made mechanism’s mystery. 

The sinuous hands and the delicacy of the appliqued numerals are contrasted with the geometrical forms of the visible components. These elements are enclosed by a flange bearing the inscribed GaGà Milano emblem. The leather strap for the Skeleton 48mm was made by hand in Italy. 

Other features include a skeleton dial with black Arabic indicators, the green stainless steel minute, and hourly hands with tiny seconds positioned at 6 o’clock. It is also waterproof up to 30m at 3ATM.

Price market: $1,400.00 USD

 Watch reference: 5310GRE

Photo: Vinicius Junior

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