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French Montana x Skeleton Concept

‘The French Montana’ Concept by French watch atelier Skeleton Concept is a tribute to Moroccan-American rapper French Montana. This customized Rolex Cosmograph Daytona features a sapphire face with circled subdials in anthracite gray and red, a custom-made tachymetric scale and an emerald-green translucent bezel, presented on an oyster bracelet. The Arabic numerals on the 12-hour subdial is a special nod to the rapper’s native language. Photo: Karim Kharbouch

Recently, French Montana and Skeleton Concept partnered to introduce the Rolex Daytona engraved in the hues of the Moroccan flag. The Rapper Karim Kharbouch, a Moroccan-American who goes by the stage moniker French Montana, has yet again honored his Moroccan heritage.

The musician worked with the architect Kevin Novitch and Skeleton Concept, a French timepiece customizing company, to produce a unique Rolex Daytona Skeleton in the coloring of the Moroccan flag. Novitch mentioned that he had been focusing on the project with Skeleton Concept and French Montana for nearly one year in an Instagram post revealing the partnership. He also said that after suggesting the idea to French Montana, he created the piece in the rapper’s style.

The red and green colors, which stand for hope and blood, are what French Montana intended to symbolize as the core of the Moroccan flag. He also stated that the Skeleton Concept built this exquisite clock with his cultural heritage in consideration. Besides, it was created with uniqueness, accuracy, and excellence.

The customized green bezel is the real highlight of the Montana Concept. It is emerald green, translucent, and composed of artificial crystalline polycarbonate, providing complete transparency. The red tachymeter display is mirrored on the casing, giving the movement a 3-dimensional illusion and depth. Moreover, Skeleton Concept’s bezel material is the first in the world since it took five months of meticulous labor to solve the technological problem of making a thin, one-of-a-kind bezel without compromising the watch’s waterproofing.

French Montana’s songwriting is frequently impacted by his multicultural heritage. Moreover, he is happy with his accomplishments and has diverse life experiences. Therefore, he desired a special watch to serve as a reflection of this. The 12-hour subdial’s original Roman numerals were replaced with Arabic numeral digits as a special tribute to the rapper’s nation of origin.

In addition, the watch comes with an anthracite PVD face finish and is made of oyster steel. Except for the edges that have been refined, the steel bracelet has also been satin-polished. The use of extremes and the blending of materials and tints results in a clock that is both exquisitely detailed and highly finished. Besides, it exudes quality, refinement, and beauty. The French Montana Concept is also available with a Carbon casing as well as a black Nylon band, and these two watches have an infinite lifespan.

The function of this French Montana X Skeleton Concept includes minute and second markers, middle hour, and little seconds index placed at six o’clock. The second-time zone comes in a separate quick-hour marker setting. It also has a chronograph (central hand) precision of 1/8 of a second, a 30-minute clock positioned at three o’clock, and a 12-hour timer at 9 o’clock.

In general, Skeleton Concept adds a unique touch to the genuine watches that its clients entrust by exposing and transforming their timepieces’ skeleton, primarily the casing and movement that make up the watches. The expertise of its professional watchmakers and artists, who operate in line with the fundamental values of the initial company’s designers, resulted in this unique creative effort.


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