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Frederique Constant Worldtimer: Top Luxury Sports Piece

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If you travel regularly, you are undoubtedly used to keeping a record of various time zones at varying times during the day. So with a timepiece like the Frederique Constant Worldtimer, a function that could otherwise be a little perplexing and difficult is made simpler.

When the Frederique Constant Classics Worldtimer Manufacture was introduced in 2012, it immediately established itself among the few affordable options. However, while having a reasonable value, this FC World-Time timepiece performs flawlessly and according to expectations. It has been around for ten years but still looks and feels brand new. Moreover, it is stylish, perfectly crafted, and mechanically fascinating.

The Classics Worldtimer Manufacture is now offered in two 10-year special editions; the Frederique Constant Worldtimer Ref. FC-718WM4H6 in stainless steel and the Frederique Constant Worldtimer Ref. FC-718DGWM4H4 in pink gold. Each reflects on the color blue and features a few of the company’s historical characteristics.


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Apart from being traditionally sold, the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture joins the NFT community to commemorate this milestone appropriately. As a result, Frederique Constant has chosen to strike a new course by providing a passage into the future for its iconic edition. Also, the customized NFTs of the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture would be created by the Geneva-based blockchain tech workshop Rarecubes.

In addition, Pim Koeslag, the company’s creative director and expert watchmaker, produced the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture, launched in 2012, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and rationale. Basically, rationality accounts for the FC’s affordable rates.

Overall, despite being a relatively recent player in the horology sector, Frederique Constant has positioned itself as a reputable and well-established producer of some of the finest luxury watches in the entire globe. Because of this, the Frederique Constant timepieces do a great job of holding their value even though they may not be as well-known as brands like Rolex. Besides, some watches by Frederique Constant may potentially increase in value with time.

Technical Characteristics 

  • The Case and Caseback

The 42-millimeter case diameter of the Frederique Constant Worldtimer is a good fit for wrists of any size. Besides, one can choose between a gold-plated rose casing that emanates beauty and sophistication or a more traditional stainless steel variant.


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Both the stainless steel casing and the rose gold-plated casing of the Frederique Constant Worldtimer exhibit excellent, glossy accents. These add to its elegant and glamorous appearance.

Furthermore, the wide, onion-shaped screw-down crown of the Frederique Constant Worldtimer is located on the casing’s right edge. The crown’s strongly notched sides contrast elegantly with the watch’s body and fixed bezel’s gentler lines. Additionally, it aids in giving users a stronger grip to grasp and rotate the crown.

The fact that this crown as well manages every one of the watch’s operations is astounding. Three options are available that can be used to adjust the time, date, and location in addition to winding the clock. Moreover, this crown prevents dust or humidity from entering the timepiece and harming its internal parts. Also, the Frederique Constant Worldtimer’s modest 50-meter depth ranking is made possible by this crown, which is typical for a dress piece of this type.


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On the other hand, the Frederique Constant Worldtimer has a display-style screw-down caseback on the underside. One could also see the device’s movement completely and clearly via the sapphire crystal inlay in the middle of the caseback.

Lastly, the caseback of this timepiece bears engravings with further information. The model number, depth grade, manufacturing location, and other details are among them.

  • Dial

The magnificent, opulent dial of the Frederique Constant Worldtimer is unquestionably its most remarkable aspect. The dial, on the other hand, has a ton of intricacies. Nevertheless, it also features a very sleek and orderly appearance, making it simple to read and comprehend every function with a quick peek.

Furthermore, the Frederique Constant Worldtimer dial flaunts a sober, dark gray polish. A stunning representation of a global map in shades of dark and light gray could be found in the middle of the dial. Moreover, it has thin, swooping sword indexes and appliqué hour markers covered in white lume. This makes the watch’s surface visible in the darkness. Likewise, at six o’clock, a huge month wheel comes to rest.


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In addition, three-section rings are located on the dial’s outer edge. The two outer circles are finished in the exact dark gray, like the dial’s center. They provide markers for 24 various cities spread across several time zones. A contrastive dark gray and white color is used to adorn the inside chapter ring. It functions as the interior GMT bezel, featuring the white part indicating the daytime and the dark gray section representing the night-time.

  • Movement

A sturdy and potent internal Caliber FC-718 powers the Frederique Constant Worldtimer Watch. This mechanical movement was developed by Frederique Constant specifically to drive its world-timer timepiece. Furthermore, the Caliber FC-718, which is linked up by 26 jewels, vibrates at 28,800 mph and provides a typical 42-hour power reserve.


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The Caliber FC-718’s ability to let the device’s world-time features all be regulated by the crown sets it apart from all existing world-timer movements in the market. For example, various world-timer variants could include unique, specialized pushers to enable their world-time functionality. Nevertheless, the Frederique Constant Worldtimer simply requires one crown to perform the world-time functions courtesy of the Caliber FC-718.

  • Strap

The Frederique Constant Worldtimer is available in two different variants. Both come with a smooth, dark greyish alligator strap featuring crisp white etching. The watch is also firmly secured to your wrist with an attractive folding buckle on its strap.

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Frederique Constant has continuously created high-quality, elegant watches that are loaded with top-notch features throughout the years. Therefore, to commemorate its tenth anniversary after previous conventional and special versions of this timepiece, the company released steel and a pink gold variant, both tinted deep blue.

The Frederique Constant Worldtimer further enhances the reputation and luxury of the company’s watch lineup. Hence, it is the ideal entry-level timepiece for regular travelers because it is a high-end world-timer component.

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