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Franck Muller Launches Brand-New #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard

In preparation for the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, Tokyo-based streetwear company #FR2 and Franck Muller unveiled the #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard. It’s the first time the two companies have worked together, and Franck Muller is using its recognizable #FR2 styling cues on its Vanguard timepiece. The outcome is a unique, stylish clock with Franck Muller’s unrivaled numerals, tonneau casing, and trademark rabbit design of #FR2 highlighted on the dial.


Photo: Deployant


The #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard merges Swiss high watches with Japanese streetwear by combining elements from both sectors and integrating its designers’ treatment touches. This is entirely visible on the dial in which Franck Muller’s classic but avant-garde look has adopted street fashion tendencies.


Photo: Franck Muller


Matte white dial foundation highlights everything by creating a high-key look, where black markers, indexes, and appliqué indicators are positioned. 

At 7 o’clock, a lovely quirk completes the monochrome design’s great contrast. Instead of hour markings, Franck Muller has placed the controversial Fxxking Rabbits motif on #FR2, where one rabbit’s red eye serves as the dial’s only spot of color. Furthermore, #FR2NCKMULLER Vanguard provides an unusual twist in the shadows. Also, to make the skeletonized obelisk hands, indicators, and geometric theme stand against the dial in the dark, Super-Luminova has been added selectively.

The remainder of the wristwatch maintains the same angular, strong aesthetic. This comprises the tonneau-like Vanguard casing from Franck Muller, created in a brand-new carbon and glass fiber alloy. This material will only be used on variants limited to Southeast Asia. 


Photo: Franck Muller


Carbon powder and glass fibers are mixed, and the final mass is treated with a binding resin to produce a thin yet sturdy composite. After baking for 3 hours at 150°C over 200 tons of pressure, the combination eventually makes a compound that can be carved into the required elements. Hence, each watch casing will have a different set of striations because of random variances in the way the mixture is compressed. Moreover, the white nylon band, decorated with black letters in a typographic design recognizable to streetwear fans, completes the aesthetic.

Typically, the collaboration between Franck Muller and #FR2 is a unique example of the Swiss maker partnering with other brands. This has only been done with a small, exclusive group of companies.


Photo: Franck Muller


Sharon Lim, CEO of Franck Muller SEA, claims that Ryo Ishikawa, the designer of #FR2, is more well-known beyond Tokyo’s streetwear sector. He has employed a multi-disciplinary technique in his brand’s works while preserving a strongly autonomous mentality as the driving force of Fxxking Rabbits. Besides, this Southeast Asia Exclusive is an ideal partnership because designers at Franck Muller share these ideals and believe in them. Certainly, the item they have developed illustrates that.


Photo: Deployant


Only 800 copies of #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard were created and available in Australia and Southeast Asia.

About #FR2

Ryo Ishikawa, a well-known character in Japanese streetwear and renowned for launching the fashion label Vanquish, is the creator of #FR2, also referred to as Fxxking Rabbits. #FR2, established in 2014, gained popularity rapidly, thanks to its distinctive “Smoking Kills” and rabbit themes, alongside the striking photographic engravings on its items. 


Photo: Deployant


Along the course, Ishikawa also defined the company with daring campaign photos that he shot. Moreover, the company offers a unique selection of clothing and decorative items that is likely the most closely associated with Ishikawa. They range from hoodies to candy-distributing disposable cameras.

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