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Floyd Mayweather’s Crazy Watch Collection


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Getting rich is Floyd Mayweather’s second-favorite thing besides knocking out competitors in the boxing match. As talented as he is inside the ring, Mayweather is among the top paid individuals. This allowed him to establish a net worth of roughly $660 million and create the much-discussed Floyd Mayweather timepiece collection.

On the other hand, Mayweather is a man who values all the luxuries that money can buy. This includes his NASCAR company, the stunning fleet of supercars as well as private planes he owns. Generally, very few things come to mind that he doesn’t take advantage of regularly. This is precisely what you’d anticipate from a person whose inflation-adjusted total earnings have surpassed $1.7 billion.

Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to conclude that his watch collection is probably the one he loves the most among all of Mayweather’s spending habits. He frequently posts on Instagram about his selection of the most valuable pieces in the world. Besides, his collection of contemporary timepieces, which includes pieces from top brands, ranks among the most prestigious collections ever gathered.

Overall, here are some of the watches in Floyd Mayweather’s collection:

  1. Diamond and Emerald Rolex Submariner

Floyd obviously has a large number of Rolex watches in his timepiece collection. However, this diamond and emerald-set Submariner is certainly the most distinctive. It comes in a simple 18K white gold casing and measures 40mm in diameter with a baguette emerald and a diamond-set bezel.

With its emerald and diamond studded bezel and complete pavé dial, this Rolex reference 116649 EMBR was unveiled at Baselworld 2010. It is undoubtedly a stunning piece of what is likely the most well-known historical timepiece, the Submariner.

Created for a very brief time, the “Emerald Submariner” captivates with brilliant illumination. This has been brought on by the potent combination of the flawless, pure unpolished emeralds and the monochrome white gold casing paired with diamonds. In addition, the pavé dial is adorned with diamonds and 8 emeralds for the hourly markings, while the bezel is studded with 36 emeralds and 12 diamonds.

Rolex, a brand renowned for its “tool” timepieces, has perfected the exquisite skill of emerald installation. As a result, the pieces with these impeccably carved emeralds earn astronomical rates on the resale market.


Floyd Mayweather, is wearing the extremely rare 40mm baguette emerald and diamond-set 18k white gold emerald Rolex Submariner. Photo: Floyd Mayweather Instagram


  1. Patek Philippe Ruby Bezel

In addition to Rolex, Floyd also has a liking for the finest Patek Philippe watches. To be precise, he has a Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711/112P in his collection. This piece doesn’t just come in rose gold but also includes a dial and bezel encrusted in baguette-cut rubies.

Furthermore, this stunning Patek Philippe boasts a platinum 40mm Nautilus casing and a bezel encrusted with 32 baguettes of rubies. This shows in a sober black dial as well as the Nautilus logo.

To make it simple to view the time by the middle silver index, 12 baguette-cut rubies are shown as hour markings. At three o’clock, a black-and-white date display is visible, and a classy seconds indicator gracefully sweeps around the dial. Moreover, a stealthy perfect diamond is embedded into the edge of the bezel at six o’clock straight down.

On the other hand, the sapphire case back allows for a clear view of the self-winding movement, which boasts a 45-hour power reserve.


Floyd Mayweather is wearing an extremely rare 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/112P with a baguette ruby bezel and a chocolate brown dial. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa

Even for someone wealthy like Floy Mayweather, you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing an ordinary watch. In other words, this unbeaten boxer has a sizable collection of pieces that have been customized and modified by designers, and Richard Mille RM11 Felipe Massa is one of them.

Richard Mille’s iconic RM 011, the second watch in the “10th Anniversary” line, was given Felipe Massa’s title from the start. The very first flyback Chrono from the company debuts with the alleged RMAC1, a mechanical wound movement. The caliber, made primarily of 5th-grade titanium and hand-polished, has a yearly calendar, a 60-minute flyback chronograph, and a timer feature. It was compiled for this anniversary version within an NTPT Carbon casing, a substance exclusive to Richard Mille that offers extraordinary resistance and a distinctive appearance.

Furthermore, the outstanding accomplishments of Felipe, who contested 218 racing contests over the course of his 13-year career, won 11 races, finished on the podium 40 times, and earned 1012 points altogether, are reflected in such great watchmaking concepts. His journey, which is among the longest of the Scuderia, was mostly driven by Ferrari. In addition, Felipe is Scuderia’s fourth-most successful racer overall.


Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, who had a record of 50 straight wins during his career, is wearing a diamond encrusted titanium Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillon “Yohan Blake”

The Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon Yohan Blake, which was created in conjunction with the Jamaican sprinter earlier in 2013, is a watch that Floyd Mayweather has been seen sporting often. Although it is not coated in gemstones, the limited edition of 50 pieces nevertheless carries a substantial price tag.

The incredibly dynamic arches that span the movement and resemble the claws of Yohan Blake’s moniker, “The Beast,” give the RM 59-01 an outstanding first impression. They hold the tourbillon carriage and center-wheel pinion while joining the 5th-grade titanium baseplate unit with the casing. They are made of anticorodal aluminum Pb109, a mixture of aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and lead. In respect to the Jamaican flag and commemoration of Yohan Blake, they are also eloxed and hand coated in the colors yellow and green.

In addition, the RM 59-01 Yohan Blake’s unique casing is a fresh take on Richard Mille’s preferred tonneau-shaped style. Yohan Blake finds it incredibly convenient to wear thanks to its unexpected width and tapering expansion at two and five o’clock, which inhibits the torque-limiting crown from rubbing on his wrist. Carbon nanotubes are injected into a translucent laminate to create it. The casing also allows for a clear view of the entire intricacy of the caliber because of its transparency.

Lastly, the RM 59-01 has a strong personality that makes it impossible to ignore as a noteworthy object in the collection. Its structure and design reflect Yohan Blake’s character as a sprinter. Moreover, its functionality and surprising developments show Richard Mille’s desire to develop ever-more complex and eye-catching items.


Floyd Mayweather is wearing a 50mm Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillon “Yohan Blake”, limited to 50 pieces worldwide. The watch is equipped with a skeletonised, manually wound tourbillon movement, and has a power reserve of circa 48 hour. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Hublot MP-05 Sapphire La Ferrari

These two titles have always made everyone happy, including the world champion Floyd Mayweather. This structure, too, represents a great engineering achievement as their realms come together once more. In contrast to its forerunner, which focused solely on the clear sapphire casing, this watch is all about harboring a mechanism hovering in midair. It is the company’s most intricate movement, featuring a 50-day or 1200 hours of power reserve when completely wound. However, it’s hard to tell if it resembles a Ferrari engine or a Transformer in motion.

The Hublot LaFerrari’s capability to display time, as well as what the entirely skeletonized dial, which is essentially the movement’s rear, is truly for, are two of its most fascinating features. It displays the minutes and hours on the right part of the dial using two carved clear sapphire crystal barrels with white numbers and red highlights. Moreover, it is equipped with a hanging vertical tourbillon on what could be the 6 o’clock spot.

This specific timepiece is now offered in a transparent, completely finished sapphire crystal casing. It features a highly distinctive case structure driven by the layout of a Ferrari engine found within the Ferrari LaFerrari. In spite of its crystal case design, the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire’s casing is incredibly sturdy and not at all “fragile.”

Overall, this Hublot MP-05 Sapphire La Ferrari is limited to 20 units only.


Floyd Mayweather is wearing a 46mm Hublot MP-05 Sapphire La Ferrari , limited to 20 pieces world wide, featuring a vertical tourbillon and approximately 50 days of power reserve. This timepiece has a skeleton dial and a see-through/transparent sapphire case back. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding

Without any doubt, Floyd Mayweather is a fan of the Audemars Piguet, owning one of the unique AP Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding. This legendary sporting watch from AP comes in a hefty diamond-set model. 474 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 47.20 carats are placed in its casing and bracelet. Also, an extra 116 baguette-cut diamonds adorn the dial, a total of 7.32 carat.

The 18K white gold casing of this self-winding Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is 42 mm in diameter and measures 12.2 mm in thickness. On the other hand, the 18K white gold dial and white golden internal bezel combine with the darkened gold Royal Oak markers.

In addition, the 2325 Oscillator, which has features for hours, minutes, and center seconds, powers this AP. It comes with an 18K white gold bracelet fully adorned with diamonds and fastened with an AP foldable clasp. Furthermore, it has a power reserve of up to 50 hours when entirely wound.


Floyd Mayweather is wearing a 42mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore fully factory set with baguette-cut diamonds. Photo: Getty Images



In addition to being one of the best boxing champions of all time, Floyd “Mr. Money” Mayweather is a timepiece aficionado. The former boxing champion is renowned for leading an affluent lifestyle that he enjoys showcasing in public. All he has is top-shelf, with watches that actually are worth a stunning of $30 million dollars. He has a number of the most expensive watches in the world as part of his collection.

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