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DJ Khaled’s Obsession with His Patek Philippe Nautilus

DJ Khaled's Obsession with His Extravagant Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch

Photo by Dj Khaled

In a world where status symbols come and go like fleeting trends, one man stands above the rest, confidently flaunting his horological prowess in the most iconic way possible – DJ Khaled. Yes, you heard that right, The music mogul is making waves in the world of wristwatches, and he’s not just your average celebrity watch collector; he’s got a flair for the dramatic, and we’re here for it!

Picture this: DJ Khaled, the man who’s made us all believe we can succeed with just a few major keys, recently dropped a bombshell on his social media. Drumroll, please… Introducing the 2022 released Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phases in 18-carat rose gold. It’s like a Rolex on steroids but with more moon phases!


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Now, you might be thinking, “Why does DJ Khaled need so many watches?” Well, the answer is simple: “Because he can!” DJ Khaled doesn’t just collect watches; he curates timepieces like a gourmet chef crafting the perfect meal. Each watch in his collection represents a different chapter in his life, a milestone achieved, or perhaps a particularly good “major key” moment.

And let’s not forget, that Khaled is the ultimate hype man, and he treats his watches with the same level of enthusiasm. He’s been known to refer to his timepieces as “Another One” because, well, why not? If you had a watch collection this enviable, you’d want to celebrate every single addition too.

But what’s the secret sauce behind DJ Khaled’s watch obsession? Is it the bling? Is it the prestige? Or is it simply a way to remind himself and the world that time is money, and he’s got a lot of both?


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In conclusion, DJ Khaled isn’t just a musical maestro; he’s a wristwatch wizard. His latest acquisition, the Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phases, is just another testament to his undeniable taste and penchant for the extravagant. So, the next time you find yourself asking, “Is DJ Khaled one of the biggest celebrity watch collectors?” remember that the answer is as clear as his latest watch’s brown dial: absolutely, definitely, and unquestionably, YES!

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