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Discover The Rich History of Graham Watches

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Born in 1673, George Graham, a skilled craftsman who resided in London’s Fleet Street, went by the moniker Graham.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, London was unquestionably the location to be when you were fascinated by watchmaking. It was a well-advanced metropolis, home to the first scientific organization in history, a corporate culture, including a military, which all had strict time tracking requirements.

Much like most Brits preceding and following him, Graham was more concerned with coming up with a ton of concepts than he was with financial gain. He came up with a number of creations; however, none were ever protected by copyright.

Graham created a mercury pendulum method to improve the accuracy of watches under extreme heat and cold. In addition, he made the dead-beat chronograph movement, which generally improved the accuracy of timepieces, and he constructed the master timer at the Greenwich Royal Observatory. Graham also created an escapement still utilized in high-precision pendulum watches and is referred to as the Graham Escapement. It was actually developed before the Swiss anchor escapement, which is nearly always used in watches.

Graham established himself as a true cornerstone of the science and watchmaking establishment. In 1721, the Royal Society admitted him as a Member. He also submitted over 20 papers to the Philosophical Transactions, the society’s magazine of science. By 1722, George Graham was appointed Master of the Clockmakers’ Organization.

Throughout his lifetime, George Graham created close to 3,000 timepieces. Even then, forgeries of his pieces were common, but one could easily recognize them. In addition to the back plate (the customary location), Graham meticulously engraved the reference number plus his signature on the pillar plate, behind the dial, as well as the bottom of the bridge.

Typically, the Graham series has a striking, assured design. Furthermore, many timepieces of today result from George Graham’s unique creations. The modern manufacturing company is made up of designers, engineers, and artisans who uphold the company’s architectural principles and goals in every watch.

Below is a tour of the Graham’s history in five watches:

  1. Graham Chronofighter

One of the most well-known products produced by the brand continues to be the Graham Chronofighter series. What sets the watches apart is the left-hand dial installed on a steel, ceramic, or carbon case. This line also features GMT variations, which entail sapphire bezels, as well as a straightforward GMT indicator for simultaneously keeping a record of multiple time zones. These Classic GMT variants boast stylish retro looks.

In addition, the Graham Chronofighter timepiece line includes the Chronofighter Grand Vintage Special series. It has intricate dial layouts and massive 47mm casing diameters.

Being the most well-known Graham timepiece line, one could argue that it serves as the company’s flagship design. This is because it has a distinctive, conventional, and practical form. Besides, the athletic chronographs are entirely responsible for the distinctive design of Chronofighter pieces.


Graham Chronofighter.


  1. Graham Silverstone

The Silverstone series combines traditional and athletic styles. It is also among the complicated Graham timepieces. There are many alternatives, thanks to the large date, Chrono, GMT, plus tachymeter. The omission of pawls is something that all Graham Silverstone pieces have in common. However, this line has the crown on the right column, just as in other timepieces.

The realm of motorsports serves as the source of influence for the Graham Silverstone timepiece line. Moreover, this watch collection has a beautiful manual face and is a great option for the watch aficionados.

The dial of this sporting piece is designed to resemble a tachymeter scale, and the wrist band is designed to resemble the tread designs on car racing tires. With this option, the owner enjoys a tough, reliable wristwatch with a perpetual calendar, flyback Chrono, and accurate GMT features. So if you’re looking for a timepiece with a racing theme, consider the Graham Silverstone variants.

Graham Silverstone. Photo: Graham


  1. Graham Fortress

When it comes to the Fortress, there are only 100 sets of the limited version on the market. Technically, three hues are available, including black, blue, and brown.

The precise positioning of the chronograph, mono-pusher, as well as lone pusher, led to its tidy and elegant appearance. The left flank’s Chrono and single pusher are neatly integrated into the crown. On the other hand, the right part’s single pusher allows for easy movement and excellent readability of the Chrono.

The Graham Fortress timepiece is indeed a great choice if you like a more straightforward piece in regards to the overall appearance and construction.


Graham Fortress.


  1. Graham Swordfish

The successful participation in Graham’s creation contest in 2001 yielded the Swordfish timepiece. You can tell how well planned and imaginatively designed each aspect of the watch is only by taking a quick glance. Thus, it captured everybody’s interest and became among the most popular Graham timepiece designs.

The Swordfish is available in four colors, including red, green, black, and bronze-black. This piece’s alloy is comparable to those utilized in the nautical sector. Furthermore, it contributes to the watch’s general aesthetic, becoming one of a kind, classic, and timeless.



Graham Swordfish.


  1. Geo Graham

Geo Graham is the brand’s line of Haute Horlogerie watches, a hybrid of “George Graham.” It illustrates the enormous strengths of the Graham Watch Company as an industry pioneer in the timepiece sector.

The Geo Graham line of Graham is the most understated. To differentiate itself from various high-end companies, the whole series takes pleasure in the exquisite manufacturing technique, which incorporates creativity and elegance.


Photo: Wrist Watch Review



Bottom Line

Overall, the Graham models are fantastic and valuable timepieces. Moreover, these timepieces are unique in their refinement, sophistication, class, uniqueness, and enduring appeal. Graham pieces are also renowned worldwide for fusing a distinctly British form with innovative Swiss watchmaking tech in their unique Chrono design. The George Graham-inspired company was founded in 1995. It now fully utilizes technical accuracy and ingenuity to develop distinctive styles that stand out.


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