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Cartier Reintroduces the Iconic Tank Française Watch

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Cartier frequently creates new items by skillfully reviving a best-seller after several years or sometimes decades. The Tank Must and Santos-Dumont achieved enormous success using this approach, although the Pasha rebirth wasn’t quite as successful in sales. Currently, Cartier is doing the same for the Tank Française.

Despite the fact that several other Cartier variants are already well regarded, this Tank Française, which was first introduced in 1996, has nevertheless emerged as a symbol in its capacity. Besides, the idea that well-known people like Michelle Obama and Lady Diana


Photo: Vogue / Lady Diana wearing a Cartier Tank


Presently, the Tank Française has been modernized and made more intriguing by the Maison. Both the bracelet and the dial have remarkably undergone a number of advancements. In addition, they come in exceptionally huge sizes. 

Generally, Française has long been connected with a female clientele since the lines are smoother and less in accordance with what is typically regarded to be the male preference. However, the introduction of this huge-size edition has opened up an entirely new world for males as well because of how dramatically things have transformed over the past years.  

Geometrical Patterns and Features

The Tank Francaise looks to have been redesigned primarily to have better detailing and sleeker lines. As a result, the dial now has metal stickers attached to it rather than the imprinted numbers of the predecessor, giving the dial a little more character.


Photo: Monochrome


Obviously, the bracelet and casing share a similar style, but virtually every aspect has been updated. For instance, the crown has become less noticeable because it is recessed into the edge of the case. Moreover, a one-piece finish link and newly designed connections that complement the casing in shape and thickness help the bracelet blend in well with the case appearance.


Photo: Monochrome


The redesigned Tank Francaise is offered in 18k yellow gold and steel. Although the dials are different, the general designs of the steel and gold variants are the same. Whereas the steel editions feature silver dials and numbers, the gold ones come in a champagne-shade display with radial brushes.

Three dimensions of steel editions are available. The large variant is the only one that is automated, while the medium and small versions are quartz. However, the only gold variants available are small or medium and have the alternative of a bezel encrusted in diamonds.


Photo: Monochrome


The cal. 1853 MC, an auto movement featuring a 37-hour power reserve and beating at a rate of 28,800 mph, drives the automatic variant. The low power reserve is due to the Sellita SW150, a small movement designed for ladies’ timepieces.


Photo: Monochrome


Lastly, an artificial spinel in the form of a cabochon adorns the crown of this new Tank Française. A waterproofing rate of 30 meters or 100 feet is also guaranteed. 

Cartier Tank History

Among the most well-known watches produced by the Maison is the Cartier Tank. Louis Cartier, the owner’s grandson and designer of the initial edition in 1917 was the designer. He took design cues from the Art Deco movement and World War I combat tanks. Over time, the Maison created a line of Cartier Tank pieces that could be identified by their distinctive Roman numerals and geometric patterns.


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