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Canelo’s Wearing His Stunning Patek Philippe Nautilus

Canelo's Wearing His Stunning Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch

Photo by: Canelo

When it comes to the world of boxing, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has earned his reputation as a true knockout artist. Not only does he deliver powerful punches in the ring, but it turns out he’s also a heavyweight in the world of watch fashion. The Mexican boxer recently turned heads by sporting a discontinued stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus with a white dial. Move over, wristbands and hand wraps, because Canelo’s wrist just got an upgrade worth its weight in gold—or stainless steel, in this case!

Now, you might be wondering, What’s the big deal about a watch? Well, when it’s a Patek Philippe Nautilus, it’s not just a watch; it’s a status symbol! This timepiece is so exclusive and sought-after that even Floyd Mayweather would trade a few belts for one. But Canelo, the boxer with fists of fury, wears it like he’s about to punch through time itself.


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This particular model is even more special because it’s discontinued. It’s as rare as a knockout in the first round! While most people are searching high and low for the latest gadgets or fashion trends, Canelo is setting the bar high in the world of horology by rocking a watch that’s no longer in production. You’ve got to hand it to him. Canelo knows how to keep time in style.

And let’s talk about the white dial. It’s like Canelo decided to bring some extra heat to his wrist with a touch of snow! This choice of dial color isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a reminder that Canelo is the coolest cat in the ring. The white dial on his Patek Philippe Nautilus is like a frozen punch, and it’s clear he’s not just playing around.

But what’s even more fascinating is that Canelo didn’t pick a flashy, over-the-top watch. No, he went for the stainless steel version, which shows that he’s a man of understated elegance. Sure, he’s a knockout artist, but he’s also got knockout taste. This watch says, “I’m here to win, but I’ll do it in style!”

In a sport where every second counts, Canelo’s Patek Philippe Nautilus is the ultimate reminder that he’s always on time, whether he’s in the gym, the ring, or a red carpet event. We’re not saying this watch gives him superhuman boxing powers, but we’re not saying it doesn’t either!


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In conclusion, Canelo’s choice of the discontinued stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus with a white dial is a clear sign that he’s not just a boxer; he’s a fashion heavyweight too. While he delivers knockouts in the ring, he’s also knocking out the competition when it comes to wrist fashion. So, keep an eye on Canelo—not just for his boxing moves but for his wrist game too. Because, in the world of horology, Canelo’s time is now, and it’s as powerful as his punches!

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