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Certain watch companies follow a pattern and adhere to what they’ve discovered is effective for them. But occasionally, life necessitates doing something a bit more unconventional, and this is where the ArtyA brand gets into the picture. The aspirational Swiss brand is not hesitant to experiment and maintain things fresh. The ArtyA Diver Spritz, the label’s newest design, disregards safety in place of making an impression.

Similarly, being among the most distinctive luxurious timepiece companies ever, ArtyA exceeds the limits of conventional watchmaking with its uncommon, special edition models that are only available to the bold. One of the few Swiss timepiece firms that still maintains its complete independence, ArtyA timepieces have a variety of remarkable features that will undoubtedly grab your attention.

A great illustration of the avant-garde route the small company is taking with its sporting timepieces is the ArtyA Diver Spritz, which has a colored sapphire crystal casing. The watch is, in many respects, a comeback to the origins of ArtyA creator Yvan Arpa. Arpa built sports pieces primarily for a while before beginning to use timepieces as a more versatile aesthetic medium. Actually, that is where the moniker “ArtyA” came from. And because Yvan is so skilled at making sporting watches, it is wonderful to see them return to ArtyA.


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In terms of appearance and touch, sapphire crystal makes a fantastic watch casing material. Additionally, you are aware that it is almost resistant to scratch. Since watches with sapphire crystal cases don’t physically deteriorate, they maintain their new-like appearance for many years. Many people find this to be appealing. Sapphire crystal could also be completely transparent or only slightly tinted, giving the wearer a glimpse of the piece’s interior workings.

In addition, sapphire crystal cannot be bent, with the exception of metal, which can be twisted and deformed. There are two effects of this. The first is that a case can fracture or break if there is enough force (a severe drop on the concrete floor, for example). In fact, many sapphire crystal casings crack during the initial machining process, which is among the factors contributing to the high cost of every last case.


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However, the present sapphire crystal enclosures are not extremely waterproof, partly because they cannot be bent or deformed. Likewise, the majority of sapphire crystal wristwatch casings are constructed similarly to their metallic equivalents, such as the mechanism for adding waterproofing, which requires screw-tightening 2 plates of metal plus a seal in between them.

The fasteners cannot be tightly fastened in a sapphire crystal casing since the pressure could easily break the glass. As a result, employing the same method to increase water resistance in metallic cases against sapphire crystal casings does not perform quite as effectively. Furthermore, no company should describe a product as “watertight” on the dial, much less if it can’t even be used for scuba diving.

Aside from that, the dial is extremely nice. Despite the fact that such indicators are often found on more opulent timepieces, Yvan preferred the leaf-style indexes for the Diver. Moreover, the dial has a unique appearance, yet it is also recognizable enough to have a traditional design. You will as well notice a distinctive ArtyA insignia.

This specific diving dial has attached hour indicators and a bottom made of aventurine gemstone. Super-LumiNova colors the indexes and hour markings. The aventurine is a rich blue stone with multicolored glitter that resembles the night sky’s stars. Additionally, it has a very “watery” appearance, which helps it blend well with the swimmer’s watch motif. The dark blue dial and the deep Negroni-colored sapphire crystal make for a very eye-pleasing blend.


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Contrary to the majority of true Diver’s timepieces, the bezel remains fixed. According to ArtyA, the decision to delay the release of a sapphire crystal diver’s watch with a revolving bezel was deliberate, though the company may do so in the future. After experimenting with both options, the company’s staff discovered that whenever a revolving bezel is present, the picture of the rotational bezel’s internal parts—which were not intended to be visible—isn’t particularly appealing. On the other hand, a solid bezel and no additional components create a sleeker and more attractive appearance.

A Swiss-made mechanically operated movement known as the AION caliber, which ArtyA regards as being unique to them, is found within the ArtyA Diver Spritz. With a 42-hour power reserve, the movement runs at a 4Hz frequency. The custom skeletonized ArytA emblem automated wheel and NAC gray treatment on the bridges are visible via the piece’s case back.

The 41mm diameter ArtyA Diver Spritz casing is comparable to a Rolex Submariner case in size. Even the crown is made of sapphire crystal, which is nice. The dimensions are relatively modest and comfy, and the general appearance will definitely be regarded as unisex.


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Furthermore, this Diver’s watch isn’t specifically designed to convey masculinity or femininity, which means that both a man and a woman can actually wear it. Instead, it emphasizes how appealing its design and materials are when used together for maximum emotive and communication impact. It’s the basic concept of jewelry, while in this case, it is unusual for the style to work well with either a male or female appearance.

Overall, the Diver’s style timepieces, such as the ArtyA Diver Spritz, are not what people typically associate with ArtyA. The general public will need time to learn about and completely comprehend what Yvan Arpa and his ArtyA company are presently attempting to do by concentrating on traditional sports pieces with intriguing artistic variations, even though these items are unquestionably fascinating.

Likewise, a product like the ArtyA Diver Spritz watch is immediately more viable on a mass scale. This is compared to the enormous bulk of what many individuals have come to connect with the ArtyA label if they are even aware of the ArtyA company. However, good things are coming, and it’s perhaps time for all those individuals to realize this.


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