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Araya A. Hargate – Rolex Day-Date in platinum with an ice-blue dial set with 10 baguette-cut diamonds

The Thai/British actress, model, and TV personality Araya A. Hargate, is wearing a 40mm Rolex Day-Date in platinum with an ice-blue dial set with 10 baguette-cut diamonds, surrounded by a trapezoid-cut diamond-set bezel, presented on a presidential bracelet. Hargate rose to fame in 1998 after winning a beauty contest and is among other roles notable as ‘Raeya’ in ‘Doksom Sithong’ from 2011. She is also an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris.

Overall Watch Review

Since 1956, the Day-Date watch has been the company’s most prominent men and women’s brands. The most recent Day-Date model is the Rolex Day-Date 40 series (also known as the “Rolex President”). The Day-Date 40, which was introduced at BaselWorld 2015, begins a new era for one of Rolex’s most recognizable watches.

This first Rolex watch with a fluted platinum bezel is the platinum Day-Date. It can appear to be a minor advancement. However, the fact that it is a Rolex makes it one of the watches that is arguably most well known globally for being the first wristwatch to show the date and day of the week in a distinct window. Furthermore, it has a trapezoid-shaped diamond-studded bezel as well as an ice-blue dial with ten baguette-cut diamonds.

Because the caliber 3255 movement, which made its debut in 2015, marked a major improvement in accuracy, the distinctive aspect is still intact. This was an awe-inspiring accomplishment! According to Rolex, there is a daily variance of 2/+ 2 seconds, which is approved by the Superlative Chronometer authentication.

On the Day-Date, the Caliber 3255 is still in use. Additionally, it keeps delivering a degree of precision that is more secure and surpasses the generally accepted COSC standard.

Complexities include the time, which comprises basic seconds, the date, and the day of the week that begins with the completely stated day. Every time the date changes at midnight, the calendar discs move instantly to the new spot.

The caliber 3255 has a longer power reserve of up to 70 hours, thanks in part to the Chronergy escapement by Rolex. This escapement’s nickel-phosphorus structure gives it its excellent energy efficiency, remarkable dependability, and immunity to electromagnetic fields. Naturally, the movement includes the blue Parachrom hairspring, which is resistant to magnetic fields and up to 10 times more precise than a typical hairspring in the occurrence of shocks.

The Rolex Day-Date also has a 40mm diameter, a well-known Oyster case, and a similarly well-known Presidential bracelet. This three-piece President bracelet with links was specially created for the 1956 release of the legendary Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. It is still exclusively utilized with the Datejust Day-Date and luxury metal models.

The 100-meter water-resistance of the Oyster case is often indicated by a horizontal line below the Rolex symbol on the crown. In Rolex terminology, this denotes that the crown is a Twinlock crown.

The sapphire crystal of the Rolex Day-Date boasts two anti-reflective coatings. This is in addition to the date display covered by the distinctive Cyclops lens. The AR treatment, on the other hand, is brand-new.

Price market: $200,000.00 USD

 Watch reference: 228396TBR-0002

 Photo: Araya A. Hargate

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