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Alexandra Daddario Sparkled with Her Mother of Pearl TAG Heuer Watch

As the stars descended upon the Met Gala, among the constellation of celebrities was none other than the stunning Alexandra Daddario, brand ambassador extraordinaire and everyone’s favorite reason to wish they looked better in blue. Yes, that Alexandra—whose eyes might as well be classified as natural wonders. But it wasn’t just her eyes stealing the spotlight this time; her wrist was throwing its own little party, thanks to a particularly shiny guest: the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Date.

Now, for those of you who aren’t horological aficionados (that’s watch enthusiasts for us mere mortals), the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Date isn’t just any timepiece. Oh no! It’s 27 mm of quartz-powered glamour, straddling the line between a James Bond gadget and the kind of bling you’d expect to see at a royal wedding. Crafted in a tasteful mélange of yellow gold and steel, this watch is like the Swiss Army knife of the high fashion world—elegant, resilient, and able to withstand up to 300 meters of water. Not that anyone would dare take a dip in the Met Gala punch bowl, but it’s nice to know Alexandra’s watch could handle it if the evening really went off the deep end.


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But let’s talk about that dial for a second—the Mother of Pearl face with diamonds as hour markers. Because why settle for plain old numbers when you can tell time with diamonds? It’s the kind of detail that makes you wonder if the watch also tells you when it’s time to be fabulous (spoiler: it’s always). It’s no secret that when you wear something this fancy, you’re not just keeping time; you’re making a statement. And Alexandra’s statement at the Met was clear: “Check out my wrist, folks!”

This watch could probably get into places we mere mortals can only dream of—like the kind of parties where you need a helicopter and the secret password. And while Alexandra Daddario might have been the one officially invited, let’s be honest: the Tag Heuer was the real VIP accessory of the evening.


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In a night full of fashion statements, Alexandra and her trusty Tag Heuer proved that sometimes, the best accessories don’t just complement your outfit—they steal the show. So here’s to Alexandra Daddario, who showed us once again that when you play the game of thrones at the Met Gala, you win or you… well, no, you just win.

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