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A peek at Stallone´s watch collection

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Sylvester Stallone has made a name for himself as a legendary actor and action movie hero since his Oscar-winning movie Rocky made headlines in 1976. Despite being older and having made high-grossing superhero movies for more than 40 years, he has managed to keep his toned body. 

Typically, Stallone is renowned for having a tiger’s eye in his movies. However, he has a stronger preference for the Crown and the Holy Trinity in terms of his watch collection. 

Being a genuine watch collector who owned numerous pieces, Stallone even resorted to selling off a number of them via Phillips. But regardless, he still has a fantastic cast of timepieces, including several iconic models we’d all wish to own, even though a few have left his portfolio. 

Here are, thus, some of the watches in his collection he has been sighted sporting:


1. Richard Mille Skull RM52-01

Stallone, a few years ago spotted in the photo below, was wearing a Richard Mille RM 52-01 ‘Tourbillon Skull’, limited to 30 pieces world wide, featuring a fully transparent dial, where the tourbillon can be viewed in between a hand-made red gold skulls teeth.

The timepiece, consigned by Sylvester, was sold at Phillips auction New York 2020 together with other watches that belonged to the actor, and came together with a personally handwritten letter, signed by Stallone himself.


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Photo: Phillips

Auction price: $998,000.00 USD


2: Rolex Submariner Nipple Dial

A classic yellow-gold Rolex Submariner is among the watches closely linked to Sylvester, whose love of jewelry is well known. In the 1980s, he used his first sizable income to purchase this model 1680/8, which he still occasionally wears.


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The Tiffany & Co. dial and “nipple” dial featuring protruding markings are only two of the numerous features that distinguish this variant from others. These aspects resulted from a co-branding agreement involving the two companies.

Over the years, the yellow-gold Submariner has significantly transformed. Recent improvements include a bigger 41mm casing, Cerachrom bezel, robust linking bracelet, and the modern Caliber 3235 within the latest iteration.

Price market: $35,000.00~ USD


3. Rolex Day-Date Turquoise-blue “Stella” dial

During the interview about his new TV show Tulsa King, Stallone was spotted wearing an extremly rare vintage 18-carat Rolex Day-Date with a turquoise-blue “Stella” dial, ona jubilee bracelet.


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First introduced to the market in the 1970s, it is very likely these dials wanted to capture the carefree and glitzy vibe of the seventies through shiny lacquered dials (Stella means star in Italian, a nod to the radiance of the dial).

Price market: $75,000.00~ USD
Watch reference: 18038 Stella

4. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Paul Newman”

Stallone wearing the extremely sought after RolexDaytona “Big Red” reference 6263.
The stainless steel case measures 37mm in width and features a black tachometer bezel surrounding a black chronograph dial with three silver subsidiary dials and a red DAYTONA inscription above the six o’clock sub-dial.


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The price differs a lot, due to many factors and can be everything from $75,000.00 USD to $200,000.00 USD on the market.


5. Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold 

In addition to Rolex watches, Stallone owns a number of Patek Philippe watches, including the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1R-001. He was spotted donning the mentioned timepiece in July 2018 at the Experience with Sylvester Stallone black-tie dinner function in London. He donned it at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival as well.


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An eye-catching curved octagonal bezel is a distinguishing characteristic of the Nautilus 5980/1R-001. The watch has a gold strap and a rose-golden stainless steel casing. It also comes with a sapphire crystal and a black gradient dial featuring gold luminous hour markings. Additionally, it boasts an automatic self-winding movement with a caliber CH28-520 C.

Market price: $250,000.00 USD
Watch reference: 5980/1R-001


6. U-Boat Flight Deck CAB Orange 

Sylvester was during the 90s in an interview for Planet Hollywood, spotted wearing the discontinued PVD-treated stainless steel U-boat Flightdeck CAB Orange with a 50mm wide case featuring a black dial with Arabic numeral, presented on a leather strap. 


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Stallone has a obviously fondness for big watches and my guess is that large watches make a bigger statement, are easier to read, and provide much more room for interesting complications or design themes. U-Boat watches have their crowns and chronograph pushers on the left side so that they don’t dig in to one’s wrist and are less prone to snag or get damaged.

Price market: $2,500.00 USD
Watch reference: UB-1905-1


7. Patek Philippe Nautilus with a blue baton dial

There wouldn’t be a complete Patek Philippe portfolio without a wide range of watches. Sylvester has also been sporting a discontinued 40-millimeter stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus with a blue baton dial. 

Since its introduction in 1976, the Nautilus has stood the benchmark for classy sportsmanship. This is because of its octagon bezel featuring flattened angles, casing structure inspired by actual watches, and dramatic horizontal embossing on the dial. 


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Four decades later, it is still evident in the broad selection of men’s and women’s timepieces available in steel, gold, rose gold, and two-tone variations that elegantly complement even the busiest lives.

Watch reference: 5711/1A-010
Price market: $170,000.00~ USD


8. Panerai Luminor Marina Militare

In the 2008 American action film “Rambo”, the main character John Rambo,  wears a rare 44 mm stainless steel PVD coated Panerai Luminor Marina Militare, featuring a black dial presented on a brown leather strap.


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PVD watches, since they are black, are favored among the military for a good reason. Most steel watches are polished or shiny to some degree but to retain stealth, a soldier’s watch must not reflect any light while hiding in the brush. Thus the reason for the black PVD finish is to keep Rambo hidden while he stalks the bad guys.

Price market: $20,000.00 USD
Watch reference: 5218-202/A


Final Words

One of Hollywood’s most active watch enthusiasts is Sylvester Stallone. He began assembling his collection during the 1980s, and he continues to be passionate about it today.

Slyvester is most known for making Panerai a Movie favorite. However, he also owns a wide variety of timepiece brands and designs, such as classic labels, including Patek Philippe, and cutting-edge names like Richard Mille.

Rolex is undoubtedly included in his portfolio. His love of timepieces began with this brand, and it remains one of his favorites.


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