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A Brief Tour of Rado’s Modern History in Five Watches

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Research & development of cutting-edge materials is associated with the watchmaker Rado. Brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup founded the company in 1917 using the title Schlup &Co. These brothers turned a portion of their parent’s house into a manufacturing workshop. And although they started gradually, they eventually flourished and expanded their company. Towards the end of the Second World War, Schlup & Co. established itself as one of the biggest timepiece movement manufacturers worldwide because of its accomplishments.

The Golden Horse collection from 1957 brought the brand its first significant triumph. The new line was among the first released in the Rado brand. In 1958, the Green Horse series was published, continuing in its footsteps. Rado used it as the initial version to promote its waterproofing feature. Both lines invented the rotating anchor sign on the dial, a function that has since been incorporated into every automated watch design. Additionally, the 1950s saw the brand achieve success on a worldwide scale, covering over 61 nations.

The DiaStar 1’s 1962 debut signaled the start of a fresh chapter for Rado. The sturdy model integrated modern materials and a fashionable style. The DiaStar 1 was also the initial scratch-resistant Rado timepiece since the company was a forerunner in the usage of hard metal as well as sapphire glass. This established a standard for all subsequent Rado models and began a custom that has persisted for about six decades.

Rado made a name for themselves as forerunners in watchmaker materials over the following twenty years. The Rado Integral, the very first watch to incorporate high-tech ceramics, was introduced by the company in the 1980s and quickly evolved into one of its defining characteristics. The brand’s current signature material and unique minimalist style were both refined in the variant.

Today, Rado has established its place among the top luxury Swiss watchmaker firms thanks to its dedication to creating enduring and elegant designs. Its achievement has been ensured throughout the years by a history of remaining ahead of the game and a desire to develop cozy, secure, high-tech watches.

Here’s a brief tour of the Rado’s modern history watches:

  1. Rado Hyperchrome

Rado introduced the Rado Hyperchrome series, which included their most recent technological innovation in watchmaking, in 2012. The brand took great pride in the cutting-edge construction of HyperChrome.

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High-tech plasma ceramic is used for the monobloc casings of these timepieces. The cases are created by accurately molding white ceramic within a piece after plasma carburizing it at temperatures of up to 900°C. The final casings are tough yet light, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant.

Additionally, Rado HyperChrome clocks feature bracelets made of the innovative element or its hybrid counterpart, Ceramos. Ceramos is an alloy and high-tech ceramic blend. It is renowned for its excellent color adaptation and fading tolerance, which keeps the timepieces looking brand spanking new for a very long period.

  1. Rado Ceramica

In 1990, Rado stunned watch enthusiasts by introducing the Rado Ceramica line. With the basic style of the series, the company intended to highlight the subtly stunning design. A comfy strap of a comparable size combines with the watch’s square or rectangular body.

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Sophisticated and unique modern design is on display in the Rado Ceramica. The collection’s bold curves, graceful lines, and general structure leave a lasting impact. Moreover, customers of the product have been known to adore Rado Ceramica’s comfy, lightweight, and scratch-resistant casings, in addition to its attractive designs.

Additionally, Ceramica’s debut of high-tech ceramic cases and bracelets from Rado demonstrates the company’s expertise in designing and using innovative materials. The watches in this range are all different and one-of-a-kind. However, they all have a minimalist aesthetic that complements every clothing and lifestyle choice.

  1. Rado True Collection

The Rado True line, in particular, is a prime example of the label’s quirky craftsmanship. This is because it features expertly crafted watches with a modern flair and a lasting beauty to their form. Every piece in this distinguished line also features beautiful colored dials, refined accents, and a contemporary vibe that appeals to buyers who like watches with a contemporary look.

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The Rado True timepieces are made of premium materials like titanium and ceramic, offering the utmost comfortable fit and durability. Moreover, most watch enthusiasts today have learned to value the high-quality watch movements in every watch as they showcase the Swiss label’s expert craftsmanship.

In addition, the Rado True series watches are genuinely the ones you could always enjoy and count on for generations to follow. This is from a daily companion to a premium accessory.

  1. Rado True Thinline Collection

All timepiece enthusiasts believe the Rado True Thinline series represents the Swiss watch company’s ultimate offering of classic pieces. Since the line’s debut in 2011, it has garnered lots of attention.

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When creating the collection’s ultra-thin ceramic quartz timepieces, Rado Swiss watches surpassed themselves. Hence, each owner is comfortable because of the high-tech manufacturing materials that are lighter and innovative.

Additionally, these circular Rado pieces stick out from the company’s other series thanks to their contemporary, minimalistic, and whimsical design.

  1. Rado Golden Horse

The Rado Golden Horse was first made available by Swiss watchmaker Rado in the 1950s. It was later brought back to life to highlight the brand’s lengthy history. The resurrected Golden Horse dress timepiece line maintained the classic design of the first models that made Rado famous and helped the company enjoy a long and successful history.

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These vintage-inspired timepieces, nevertheless, feature more contemporary design elements that give the products a competitive advantage in a continually expanding business. Rado appreciates its heritage and continues to carry it up to the current day, as evidenced by the Golden Horse series’s unique balancing act of antique and contemporary design elements.

Bottom Line

Rado, one of the leading Swiss luxury watch companies, keeps demonstrating its skill and proficiency in watchmaking over time. After introducing the Rado Ceramica in 1990, the firm didn’t limit itself to merely using high-tech ceramics. The Swiss company continued to generate advancements that merited their notoriety in manufacturing.


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