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A Brief Tour of Bovet’s Modern History in Five Watches

Photo: Bovet

Bovet is a timepiece company that stands out from its rivals by daring to deviate from the usual. Édouard Bovet established Bovet Fleurier S.A. in London in 1822. The company first produced nearly all of its timepieces for the Chinese market.

Bovet incorporates the long record of watchmaking by bridging the gap between contemporary watch models and elaborate artistry. Although it might not be among the most well-known labels, it is unquestionably among the most prominent. The cost of watches may vary significantly, with a focus on handcrafted parts made of expensive materials!

Bovet has become a legendary brand thanks to its lengthy history and foresight in opening the Chinese market during the 19th century. With innovations like the Amadeo convertible mechanism, Bovet models consistently pay homage to their past while embracing the present.

Below are the five notable watches from the Bovet collections:

  1. Bovet Edouard Bovet Tourbillon

The Edouard Bovet Tourbillon was introduced by the house to mark Bovet’s 200th year. It is a timepiece devoted to traveling that was created as a tribute to the brothers who traversed the globe and operated in three distinct time zones.

The wristwatch has 472 parts and a wide range of complexities. Despite this, the watch can run on its solitary barrel for more than ten days. The piece also features the Amadeo Mechanism, which makes it possible to convert it into a watch, table timer, or pocket timepiece.

This watch is certainly one of a kind, thanks to a variety of features. The owner can incorporate two more time zones into the timepiece within 24 hours using the 2 globe-shaped dials that are one of them. The 24 locations from every time zone are featured on every globe, and they can be chosen by just navigating over them.

It’s fascinating that Central European Time displays Geneva instead of the usual Paris. Similarly, Eastern Seaboard Time displays Miami rather than New York, as that’s where Pascal Raffy currently sits. Nevertheless, discriminating customers can change the locations to the regions of their preference.

Bovet Edouard Bovet Tourbillon. Photo: Bovet

  1. Bovet 19Thirty Dimier

The 19Thirty Collection, despite Bovet, is frequently linked with pocket pieces aimed to deviate from the norm. The Bovet and the Dimier were two variations included in the 19Thirty Collection, which debuted in 2015.

The Bovet’s hallmark crown is at 12 o’clock, featuring a bow reminiscent of a timepiece; the Dimier’s is located at the more traditional 3 o’clock. The 1930s Bovet Easel Chronometer served as an inspiration for the design of the 19Thirty Dimier’s dial and markers. Also, the Dimier’s primary dial can be moved towards the right, enabling the owner to covertly see the time, which is especially appealing.

The series has ten distinct references, all powered by a similar committed caliber. A sole barrel featuring a 7-day power reserve with a speed of 21,600 mph drives this movement.

19Thirty Dimier. Photo: Bovet

  1. Bovet Fleurier Virtuoso VIII

The Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar, the third timepiece in the Complications Line, was created using the Virtuoso II specialty caliber. It has the Amadeo casing for simple adjustment, similar to the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon.

The perpetual calendar, a wealth of knowledge, includes the day, date, month, and leap annual cycle. Contrary to other timepieces, the Virtuoso VII displays the calendar data outside of the dial. While the other info circles the core dial, the hours and minutes are presented in the center.

The viewer can see the movements because of their transparent elements and distinctive architecture. However, legibility was prioritized by creating an appealing face suited to the human eye.

The Amadeo casing allows the Virtuoso to have an additional surface that could be turned over. The power reserve, the piece’s visible movements, as well as the tourbillon, are the only features on this distinct entity’s minimalist display.

Bovet Fleurier Virtuoso VIII. Photo: Bovet

  1. Bovet Sportster Saguaro

There is also a choice for people who want a sporting watch with the elaborate elements of a Bovet. This distinctive wristwatch, which was prompted by its Art Deco chronographs, exhibits a combination of contemporary components and traditional manufacturing.

The self-winding chrono’s dials are intriguingly situated at 11 and 1 o’clock from either end of the crown. The font numerals pay homage to the Art Deco roots. Besides, they are available in rubber or alligator straps.

On the surface, there are 3 subdials that display the hours, minutes and moving seconds. Scales for the tachymeter as well as pulsometer are located in the bevel. Moreover, according to Chronofiable certification, the timepiece is waterproof to a maximum depth of 300 meters.

Bovet Sportster Saguaro

  1. Bovet The Récital 27

This timepiece appears more challenging to comprehend than it actually is. The screen is open-worked in order to emphasize the beauty and craftsmanship of the visible elements and to give it more aesthetic depth. The local time is displayed in the center, as would be expected. There is two extra time tracking dials for two more time zones placed at 3 and 9 o’clock, together with discs for every labeled with locations that correspond to all 24 significant time zones.

The day and night markers built into such secondary-zone sub-dials make it easier to relate to the zones. Additionally, every time zone could be changed separately for improved functioning, which is particularly helpful when altering time discrepancies due to the day-saving time involved.

A double moon phase indication for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is located at 6 o’clock. The moon face has been etched and coated with luminous material for improved visibility. All of this is powered by the impressive 7 days power reserve of a manual-winding caliber 17DM04-3FPL, shown on the movement’s rear alongside the tiny seconds.

Bovet The Récital 27


Bottom Line

Bovet is a high-end, prestige timepiece brand today known for its extraordinarily detailed dials, engraving, as well as seven-day tourbillons. Bovet was also among the initial Horologie houses to produce dials with exposed mechanics, and highly ornamental movements, with second hands. It has a distinctive heritage of hiring female craftspeople. Furthermore, Bovet Fleurier SA, known for its exquisitely built, adorned, and styled dials, as well as its precise movements, is still gaining popularity all over the world.




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