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Rolex Submariner Date in stainless steel with a black ceramic bezel

Basketball legend LeBron James is wearing a (by his standards measured) modest 41mm Rolex Submariner Date in stainless steel with a black ceramic bezel surrounding a black dial.

The iconic watch features a unidirectional rotatable bezel and a solid-link oyster bracelet. This “modern” Sub remains faithful to the original model, launched in 1953, a timepiece that more or less set the standard for divers’ watches.

About the Watch

The Submariner has been a part of Rolex’s collection ever since its launch. It has grown to be among the product’s most famous and effective designs of all time.

The casing diameter remains same as the prior generation’s Submariner timepieces. However, the bigger crown shields and significantly wider lugs make it a larger overall look that is intuitively obvious on the wrist. The casing also features a totally rebuilt bezel assembly with a Cerachrom insert. This is Rolex’s exclusive ceramic material that is completely scratch resistant and resistant to UV exposure as well as oxidation.

A sapphire crystal with the product’s signature Cyclops optical lens as well as an anti-reflective treatment protects the Submariner’s exceptionally readable display. Rolex’s redesigned “Maxi dial” panel is hidden beneath the crystal and boasts bigger hour indicators and wider hands for better viewing.

Despite the increased dial dimensions, the general look of the Rolex Submariner remains the same as its original. It features with a glossy black finish, white lettering, and attached hour markings etched in 18k white gold.

The Rolex Submariner had a substantial bracelet overhaul when it was debuted, with totally robust links and a revised fastening that integrates the product’s advanced Glidelock expansion technology. Unlike many other dive wristwatch clasps, Rolex’s Glidelock enables for gradual bracelet length modification, which can be done on-the-fly and without the need of any equipment.

The Glidelock expansion system is designed to allow swimmers to extend the length of the bracelets so that they can be used across large wetsuit sleeves. The Glidelock expansion mechanism is a highly practical.

The Rolex Submariner Date is a luxury sports piece that fits well on wrist dimensions thanks to its flexible size and beautifully constructed band. It could be worn the whole day, each day without getting uncomfortable or imbalanced on the wrist.

The self-winding Caliber 3135 movement is used in the Rolex Submariner. The Cal. 3135, like other current Rolex movements, is crafted wholly in-house by Rolex and prioritizes validity and accuracy. The revised version of Rolex’s iconic 31-jewel automatic movement within the Submariner uses Rolex’s patented blue parachrom hairspring for increased resistance to electromagnetic field, vibrations, and temperature changes.

The Caliber 3135 movement also includes a mechanically shifting calendar. It is shown at 3 o’clock underneath the Cyclops magnification lens and switches over at midnight. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the Cal. 3135 is chronometer-certified, a designation given to the most accurate and dependable movements available. In short, the renowned Caliber 3135 within your Rolex Submariner should keep delivering precise data for numerous lives of wear if maintained properly.

Price market:$18,000.00 USD
Reference: 126610LN-0001

Photo: Getty Images / Phigora

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